Hans Valkhoff is an environmental researcher who lives in the Amsterdam area (Netherlands) and specializes in eco-building and retrofit of historic buildings. Between 2011 and 2018 he was an associated researcher and lecturer at the School of Architecture in Toulouse and he is a founding member of the French platform for responsible retrofit CREBA.

More recently he has worked as a program manager for the Dutch Green Building Council in The Hague and as an advisor for the Amsterdam energy cooperative KetelhuisWG. He now works for the city of Amsterdam on the retrofit and energy saving program of the existing housing stock.

Hans holds a MA in Urban Geography and town planning from the University of Amsterdam (1989) and a MSc (with distinction) in Architecture and Advanced Environmental Sciences from the University of East London (2010). In France he restored a 17th century timber-frame house with vernacular materials such as wattle and daub, lime and earth renders and natural insulation.

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